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Hi, I came home from holiday after three weeks and my path was full of maggots. They seem to be in the soil.I googled it and apparently they are root maggots. I took most of the plants out but none of those were infected. What will kill these pest please?



Hi Brighteyes and welcome to GoY. Root maggots attack the roots of root vegetables i.e. carrots, parsnips, turnips - hence their name. So unless you were growing these beside your path, unlikely at this time of year, they are not root maggots. Did you think to take a photo of them?

26 Mar, 2015


sounds strange without evidence of a corpse mg unless there was a corps on the path and something dragged it some wear else . are you sure they were maggots ? as mg sais .

27 Mar, 2015


Hope the're not vine weevil grubs.....

27 Mar, 2015


Me too Pamg

27 Mar, 2015


Vine weevil grubs would not be on the path, they really dislike the light. In fact I am not sure that there are any grubs which would mind being on a path. Seems very odd.

27 Mar, 2015


Indeed Owdb. I wonder if something had died nearby and these were blowfly larvae Brighteyes copy and paste the link below into your web browser and let us know if this is what the 'maggots' looked like

27 Mar, 2015


great minds mg that's what I think . grubs are very vulnreble just being on the path . something has died there and been taken away by an animal . maggots proliferate more than most grubs in one place . I wouldn't worry . mg was right a photo would of sorted this out . did they have a point one end and a flat back end ? the three weeks away sais it all I think .

28 Mar, 2015

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