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By Fran44

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone had a solution for getting rid of ground elder and mares tail. Parts of my garden are overrun with both. I've tried digging the ground elder but think I'm making things worse as any little piece I miss simply grows back again. The mares tail is an absolute nightmare because its in amongst my plants, think my only solution would be to plant lots of evergreen shrubs to try and disguise it unless anyone has had any success with chemicals. I would be grateful for any help, thanks.

P. S Sooo looking forward to Springing forward today, officially 1st day of Spring with Summer not far behind x



how about membrane and shrubs and a mulch ?

28 Mar, 2015


Have a look at Kurtail (previously Kibosh),
Total weed killer. Also kills mare's tail / horsetail. You might have a problem as you won't be able to spray because it will kill other plants nearby. You could try painting on the mare's tail and although it cannot be legally suggested, mix with a little wallpaper paste to thicken.

28 Mar, 2015


Thanks for the advice, have tried the membrane but the mares tail comes through everything, even concrete. Will take a look at th Kurtail though and try painting it on. Have also tried burning it with one of those wands but it keeps coming back!

28 Mar, 2015


What I forgot to add was that you might need to slightly crush the stems as there is a coating of silica which could act a barrier to the weedkiller.

28 Mar, 2015


Thanks again, will do that too

28 Mar, 2015

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