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We have three camellias in our front garden all in the same size pots all of about the same age, one has flowered as normal one has loads of buds but gone no further the buds are fully formed and did not go brown and have not fallen of the plant and the last one had no buds at all ? They are all nice and green and healthy looking
All three were watered and fed the same miracle grow camellia food with rain water l



we have had some very bad frosts so I would imagine that hasnt helped with buds opening , with some Camellias they just don't like being in a pot and the one that hasn't flowered is telling you that , if wanting to keep in a pot I would choose one bigger and replant in to that.

28 Mar, 2015


Which varieties are they? Different varieties have slightly different flowering times - there are also autumn flowering Camellias, so without knowing the variety, its hard to make a comment, other than to say maybe the position of the pots makes a difference (in terms of light, etc).

28 Mar, 2015

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