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We will be moving house in the summer (exact date unknown, but unlikely before late June).

In our current garden, we have largely empty beds - and don't want to plant anything expensive as we won't reap the rewards. Equally, we don't want to leave them looking bare either.
Does anyone know of anything that we could plant now (very end of March), that should hopefully flower in May/June?
(I'm thinking something that could cover all the beds - don't mind if it's all the same flower, given our circumstances!)
I realise that doesn't give it much time to grow - and will perhaps be weather dependent (For additional info, we live in Sheffield (north England, ~80 metres above sea level, have a south facing garden that gets a few hours of sun during the day - if it's out!).

Any suggestions very welcomed :)




hardy annual seeds might be the answer - for areas which aren't in a lot of shade most of the day, any of the following should do fine - Malope, Nemophila (prefers damper ground, semi shade's fine) Iberis such as 'Red Flash', Limnanthes, Godetia, Clarkia, Eschzocholzia (californian poppy), Convulvulus tricolor, Nigella. All to be sown now, but your beds are just as likely to produce weed seedlings as well as any seeds you've sown, so its wise to sow a few into a pot so you can see what they look like as they start growing - then you know which ones to pull out of the ground and which ones to leave.

28 Mar, 2015


Thanks for those suggestions Bamboo, lots of ideas there.
I like the look of the Nemophila especially.

Also - really good idea to put some in a plant pot too.


28 Mar, 2015


I f I was to be honest, most buyers would prefer a clean slate, so save yourself the time, effort and money and leave the borders bare.

28 Mar, 2015


Having lived at Lodge Moor some years ago I'd suggest you start lots of them off indoors rather than just a few for identification if you have room! (I love Nemophila too - a sucker for blue things...)

28 Mar, 2015

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