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Is it the case that any of the fully hardy Bamboos eg.Red Stemed. or Black Bamboos will not survive in an open position.I despertly need a plant like this to to fill a gap in an open corner. could someone please help.

Wearlie Willie



Bamboo will do ok in a windy spot, it will just look awful due to wind burn. The key is to use fencing, other evergreen plants etc to create a shelter belt for it to grow.

Scottish Bamboo is based in rural Aberdeenshire and probably has a harsher climate than yourself and it grows and sells Bamboo for all of the UK and IE, so the plant itself if hardy, you just need to create the right space for it.

28 Mar, 2015


Thanks for quick reply I will now consider your advice.

Thanks W.

29 Mar, 2015


If you are considering putting your bamboo in the ground
be aware that is very invasive. I have several in large pots
they are excellent for screening. My are out in all weathers and they are fine.


30 Mar, 2015


There are tow types the spreading type which is less of a problem in heavy soil but the other is the clumping type which does not spread, forms large clots and stays together and is very pretty and good for privacy and screening.

31 Mar, 2015

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