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how do you treat Comelia bush after it has flowered



Do you mean Camellia? If so you don't HAVE to do anything if it is in the ground and well established.

This is the time that next year's flower buds are forming so it will flower better next year if you water it well if we have any long dry periods. Give it a good soak by dribbling a cupful or so of water at a time onto the ground under the bush, letting it soak in slowly and allow at least one bucketful of water per bush, more if it's big. If it hasn't rained for a week or two, repeat.

I chuck slow release fertiliser granules over all flower beds in spring / early summer, including under shrubs, trying to do it when rain is forecast if possible.

I only prune Camellias if they're getting too big for the space available and to me, dead heading is optional. Lots of Camellia species are "self-cleaning" meaning that the dead flowers drop off by themselves.

If it's in a pot, the plant will need a lot more care from you in the way of watering and feeding as its roots won't be able to reach down deep for its needs.

17 Jul, 2010

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