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I have a garden full of wild daffodils ,as I live in the countryside my daffodils are mainly left to their own devises....this year the ones growing around the boundry /under trees and on the banks are doing well and in full bloom but the problem I have ,is in the flat [lawn like area] there is loads of foliage but no flowers. Why has this happened ?



When you say 'flat (lawnlike) area', is that a grassed area that you cut to keep it flat? If you cut off the foliage too soon (should be left for six weeks after flowering is finished) then that would explain it.

30 Mar, 2015


Thanks for that but we do this already and still the same results ! Do you know is once a daffodil has had a season ..blind and left to its own devises ,would it flower again the following year or is that bulb finished !

1 Apr, 2015


No, the bulb's not finished,it wouldn't produce leaf were it done. Try fertilising them regularly while the leaves are present - a bulb needs food to create a flower the following year. Obviously the other bulbs in relatively uncultivated areas are doing just fine, so there's clearly some difference in conditions/treatment in the open area - if its not the foliage being removed too soon, it might be less fertile soil or insufficient water.

1 Apr, 2015

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