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I was growing my acer in a pot very near to my little pond. It looked lovely for the first few weeks. Colour was stunning around the greenery of the pond. Now it looks like this!! The wind has been rather strong lately and seems to be coming from a different direction than normal. Also the sun has been very strong. Do you think it has suffered from the wind or the sun or both?? It looks scorched and really sorry for itself. I have moved it to a sheltered spot in the garden in the hope that it recovers.

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Hi Great your acer will have suffered from both the wind and the sun. You've had a heatwave and a drought, the acer needs to be in semi shade and to be kept well watered. It will not produce new leaves this year - once they are burnt that is it. Come autumn and the cooler weather you might want to plant into a larger container/pot.

17 Jul, 2010


Do I /should I cut the damaged leaves off or leave them be?

17 Jul, 2010


You may get new growth with undamaged leaves this year though. I'd be inclined to "crumble" off the burnt and crispy bits by rubbing between finger and thumb rather than actually cutting whole leaves off.

17 Jul, 2010


Yes I agree with Bamboo 'crumble' of the burnt bits rather than cutting of the complete leaf.

17 Jul, 2010


Crumble it is then, thanks ladies x

17 Jul, 2010


Don't put it on your rhubarb, lol!

18 Jul, 2010



18 Jul, 2010


Oh bamboo your so funny! funny though I was dreaming about rhubarb and custard earlier!

18 Jul, 2010

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