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Slug and snail protection. Would any one like to trial a method of preventing slug damage. I read about one method and the other was given to me by a gardener in a garden centre.
I cut up a plastic 2 litre drink bottle into 4 inch sections and made them into sleeves and placed them over young delphiniums and lupins. So far no slug damage and good young growth.
The other method is too tear up rhubarb leaves and place them around the plants like hostas. The slugs don't like rhubarb. The leaves do need replacing as they rot down.



Thankyou Barbara.....

31 Mar, 2015


Rhubarb leaves are poisonous. When they rot down if not collected could destroy the plants.

1 Apr, 2015


Sorry Diane but that is not true. they are poisonous to us but not when they rot down. the toxins are used by the organisms that rot them. they are perfectly safe to put in the compost heap too.

1 Apr, 2015


The plastic bottle trick doesn't work against snails and slugs or earwigs for me completely. I have been doing it for several years with my daylily seedlings, and a reduced number just climb over it. It will work, however, with keeping cats from digging seedlings up. I just planted 2 sections of 60 and 82 sdlgs, and the cats use the space in between the bottles. It also offers a little protection against the wind.

1 Apr, 2015


hi , I found that the only way to stop hostas getting eaten is to put the pot into a copper bucket (old coal buckets etc) as for the garden I have given up on trying to stop the slugs and snails and just plant the plants they don't eat, if you would like a list of plants that are slug and snail resistant please let me know, you will be quite surprised as to how many they are

3 Apr, 2015

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