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Help ! I have germinated a pinch of Watercress seed in the airing cupboard. The seedlings are very fragile. Planted them out in seed sowing compost with some difficulty.
Is there a better way of getting them started ? Now its warming up would it be better to sow a pinch in seed sowing compost in a planter outside ?



as its water cress Diane it needs to be very wet once it is growing so a planter may not be the best place.

2 Apr, 2015


it needs water movement and a substrate to root into . I use it as a filter to my pond and eat it . it does really well if you have living fish in the equasion .

2 Apr, 2015


Thanks you SG and Nosey, but this doesnt answer my question. I have the Gerbil mix compost in place which can be kept wet (from the bathroom) in the planter, which is the only container there is space for on my balcony.
When the weather is warmer I will try a small pinch on the surface of seed sowing compost.
Will report back later.

3 Apr, 2015


What's gerbil mix Diane? Your question said seed compost in a planter and that is what I took it to mean. so yes try sowing it outside but it usually grows in flowing water so not sure how you will replicate that.

3 Apr, 2015


I have now soaked the base compost well, then sprinkled seed sowing compost on top, and sowed the rest of the packet, covering lightly as its very fine seed. Will keep the base compost as wet as possible.
All we all need is sunshine.

4 Apr, 2015

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