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Sharing plants


By Hardyg

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can we ask members for cuttings of their plants? If so, how does it work. A new member (in case you didn't realise!!!)



Hi Hardyg and welcome to the site. As you may have seen, we have a seed swap scheme running,but several members do send each other cuttings on occasion as a private 'friendship' thing. You can only ask!

3 Aug, 2008


Hi Hardyg, is there anything in particular you would like? if you see anything on my page in one of the photos feel free to ask, whether its a cutting or seeds

3 Aug, 2008


I am quite happy to share plants from my garden. My garden is quite small and my plants are very promiscuous so there are always babies needing a good home. If not babies cuttings or seeds are fine too.

3 Aug, 2008


Thanks Spritzhenry, Irish and Jess. Glad that this is such a free and easy site. Look forward to looking at your pics.

4 Aug, 2008


I live in Hampshire too Hardy so easy to send you anything!

5 Aug, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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