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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Late last year in a diary I use for gardening info I've written the details below, but haven't had the sense to include the reason for them :-
1/2gallon vinegar
7oz orange oil
1squirt soap.
I'm hoping this is what someone sent me with which to spray my apple tree which suffered from codling moths and ruined most of my apples.
Does anyone recognise it ? I'd hate to spray the tree with something I shouldn't. And if it is correct, should I be spraying now ? Thanks.



With 7oz of Orange oil it will be an expensive solution whatever it is used for. It certainly appears to be a pesticide - my standard against aphids etc is a solution of vegetable oil and liquid soap.
The vinegar and Orange oil could be a wood (furniture) cleaner/polish.

8 Apr, 2015


Thanks U, I was beginning to despair.i'll use your recipe for the job .

8 Apr, 2015


I don't grow fruit and veg but I think codling moth is one of those pests that needs several strategies.

9 Apr, 2015


My tree is only about 7 ft tall and I'm checking it out every day. Fingers crossed it'll be ok this year.

9 Apr, 2015


I don't think moths are that fussy about the height of the tree, Hank ?
Isn't codling moth one of the critters that has its own pheromone trap to attract the local males?

10 Apr, 2015


Thanks for the comment U, the job appears to be solved. H.

14 Apr, 2015

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