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Many of the daffodils on our bank (see my photo no 13) are blind this year as are some in the garden though they have been treated no differently than in other years. (ie left to get on with it!) I was thinking of foliar feeding with tomato food but there are hundreds, my sprayer is small and the bank is very steep. Would it be better to use Growmore or sulphate of potash?



Daffs can come up blind when the bulbs get too congested so it might be worth splitting the clumps this year.
Tomorite is the best known branded tomato feed - been going a few years now so presumably they've got it about right.
Is it worth investing in a slightly larger sprayer? (If you have a Screwfix near by, they have a 16litre backpack sprayer on offer for £15 at the moment)

5 Apr, 2015


And a low nitrogen feed is the one to use, rather than Growmore. There are powdered forms of tomato foods around to spread about the clumps rather than trying to spray them.

6 Apr, 2015


Yes they are getting rather congested but splitting them would be a job and a half! I think the bank is too steep for me to stand on, certainly do dig in, now my ankle is dodgy. I haven't seen powdered tomato food, sounds just the job. Had a quick look on Google but couldn't see any - do you have any more info please? It might come down to getting a new sprayer in the end.

Many thanks both.

7 Apr, 2015


There was a time when you could get canisters with spray nozzles that attached to hosepipes - they don't seem to be around these days. It was an expensive way to buy lawn feed/weedkiller.

8 Apr, 2015


Not sure now who makes it in powdered form. We had some last year.
Look for Vitax products. High Potash fertiliser.

8 Apr, 2015


Urbanite - that would have been just the job, I could have reached them all without crippling myself! Worth paying a bit more for!

Owdboggy I have lots of sulphate pf potash in the shed and will soon need some more Tomorite or similar anyway - not sure who stocks Vitax but will look out for it.

So its what I thought really - scramble up the bank or enlist OH! Many thanks.

8 Apr, 2015


I found Miracle Gro Liquafeed Starter Kit - approx £10 on Amazon/EBay.

8 Apr, 2015


Thank you Urbanite. I had a look and yes, it would be a great help. And I noticed even that Tesco Direct do it for £8!

I guess you could use it for lawn weed and feed too as long as you washed it out properly afterwards. That would save me hours of work!

9 Apr, 2015


They'd be ideal if they came with a second (different colour) bottle wouldn't they. I don't use weedkiller but it would be interesting to know, if you get one, what the bottle fitting is like - too much to hope that it is a standard 'pop' bottle (or anything else with a common screw top)

10 Apr, 2015


I don't use it much except for under the beech hedge very occasionally but it really is time the lawns were done and last year when I used a watering can I only got a small area treated.
I'll try to remember to let you know about the container.

10 Apr, 2015


Did you get the kit? I've just got back from homebase and they have a miracle-gro 'garden feeder' for granular feed. Don't see one for ages then they all come along at once!

18 Apr, 2015


Not yet - was thinking about it this afternoon,. There always seems to be something else that needs doing - dealing with an invasion of speedwell and goosegrass today - I think the seeds must have been in the top dressing I put on last year - at least they are easy to pull out. And before that we were concentrating on removing my dying juniper from the top of a bank - not an easy job!

Granular feed doesn't sound as useful as liquid for the applications I have in mind though. Am hoping they do a lawn weed and feed bottle to put in the same fitting as that would save hours.

18 Apr, 2015


The granular feeder is a hosepipe attachment - it's for the water soluble stuff.
I think this might be better value as the liquid feeder seems to be only usable with the official refill bottles, unless you could work out the strength required to make your own. At least it looks that way from the miracle gro website.

Take a look at the granular feeder As I said, in homebase (£9.99) and I've just seen that Wilko's online have them at £8 so may very well be available in the stores (or elsewhere online)

19 Apr, 2015


That sounds good - I'll investigate. Still hoping it can be used with some sort of weed and feed as well! Have emailed the Miracle Go website to ask if they've heard of anybody trying ithis.

19 Apr, 2015


Website didn't reply but I bought one today at Homebase. Am thinking of using the general purpose Mracle Grow rather than low nitrogen as that's what they provide and I need to get used to it, but it should be better than nothing.

21 Apr, 2015


Which did you go for - the liquid or the soluble?

21 Apr, 2015


Home Base only had the granules. There is a free packet with the kit. Hope to get it done tomorrow if the weather holds - pity they don't do a high potash but there it is...

26 Apr, 2015


miracle gro soluble all-purpose NPK is 24-8-16. The azalea soluble is 16-6-16.
Interestingly miracle gro soluble 'Bloom Booster' available in USA and Canada has NPK of 15-30-15 but the liquafeed version is 12-9-6.

27 Apr, 2015


Nothing to choose between them then if they're both 16, though less N would probably have been better so as not to encourage the grass and other stuff...

27 Apr, 2015

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