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Wormery liquid.
Should the liquid from a wormery be diluted before watering plants with it? My daughter and partner are new gardeners and have watered their salad seedlings with neat wormery liquid. I'm not sure this is a good idea. Please can you advise?



I would dilute it as it can be very high in nitrogen (ammonia if it is stood for any time). It depends on the strength of the wormery liquid how much you dilute it. If it is dark or smells of ammonia dilute ten times or more, if it is weak four ir so times.

7 Apr, 2015


When I had a wormery the insructions for dilution were 11 to 1. My liquid was always very dark and smelly. So Buddlejagar's answer is spot on in my opinion.

7 Apr, 2015


Thank you both for this advice. I have passed it on to my daughter.

7 Apr, 2015

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