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By Dab

south Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just noticed ANTS marching up and down my dwarf fruit trees.will they harm the trees?,will they spoil the fruit? do i need to do anything?



It may be that they are after the honeydew secreted by sap-sucking pests. You could apply fruit-tree grease/bands to the trunk to keep the ants down but you should also check for aphids etc as they can lead to other problems.

7 Apr, 2015


Check for aphid or scale infestation - get rid of whichever it is of these, and the ants will disappear. They're only there to 'farm' the aphids/scale for the honeydew they produce, and won't harm your tree themselves.

7 Apr, 2015


unless you have them in pots and the ants have nested in them .

7 Apr, 2015

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