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I had a poinsettia for xmas, I was expecting it to have lost it,s leaves by now, however it still looks very heathly and still has red leaves, any advice please on what I should do with it, I understood it would have lost it,s leaves by now and that it should be cut down to around 4" and repotted later in the year so that it was red again around next xmas,I would like to keep it as it,s the first time that I have had one last longer than a few weeks. Many thanks.



mine is still red too. I just keep watering it gently as it doesn't like being wet. it is an euphorbia from Mexico.
if it grows again next year then it needs 14hrs of total darkness from October onwards if it is to go red again.

7 Apr, 2015


That's funny, my Christmas one is still going strong too - usually, I'm lucky if they make it through Christmas, specially if they're from Tesco - this one was from Waitrose!

Agree with above answer...

8 Apr, 2015


thanks for the replies I think mine would have been bought from a supermarket, I,ve never had any luck with them in the past ,so am not a great lover of them, but really suprised it still looks so healthy,do we need to cut them back so as to get them going again next year or do we just leave them as they are then put away in Oct, until xmas.

9 Apr, 2015

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