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Hello. I had to dig up a Clematis as Hubby would have trampled it down when renewing the fence, not a very careful husband Grrr! A lot of the root system broke off, will it survive? I've put it in a bucket of water in ready for replanting. Jackie x



As long as its got some viable roots, it worth replanting or potting up, but remove any topgrowth back to 4/6 inches, if its got any.

8 Apr, 2015


don't leave it in water for too long. The roots wont survive if they are waterlogged. if you cant get it back in the ground tomorrow can you put it in a pot.

8 Apr, 2015


I'm going to re-plant it today.
Thank You for the info.
Bamboo. Shame I have to cut it back as there is a lotta growth at the top but will do as I'm told LOL, Errr! I always get confused Dah! Do I cut the top back by 4/6ins or cut it at the bottom to 4/6ins off the ground?

9 Apr, 2015


Sorry, I meant right down to 6 inches from the base. Depending which variety it is, you may not get any flowers this year, but cutting off the topgrowth gives the plant the best chance to regenerate at the root and grow again. Keep it well watered though.

9 Apr, 2015


Thanks Bamboo LOL

12 Apr, 2015

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