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I have an 18 year old Schefflera that I got from my Father's funeral. It my favorite plant & has sentimental value. It is getting root bound & and is way too large to put in one pot. A friend of mine had one & cut through the rootball to make several smaller plants. I'm really nervous about doing this, because I don't want to lose my plant. The last time I repotted it, it about broke my back trying to lift it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Melissa from KY

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I looked at Google out of curiosity and found this
which might be helpful if you don;t mind reducing the size. That would make it a lot easier to handle.

8 Apr, 2015


What variety of Schefflera are you talking about - Schefflera arboricola? For most Schefflera you can split them into many plants with a saw at root level or and remove top growth. The top growth can root in water/damp well draining soil. Basically as it sounds healthy it should be fine to reduce in size and to go for it.

8 Apr, 2015


Assuming it is S. arboricola, cut it down and use the top 6-8 inches of stem as cuttings, strip off lower leaves and just pop them in a bottle of water on a windowsill, keep it topped up and in about six weeks, they'll have produced roots, pot those up, then you've still got, technically, the same schefflera and you can ditch the overly large one if it doesn't recover well.

8 Apr, 2015

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