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By Daff

emigrated from Yorkshire to Kent in April 2004, United Kingdom Gb

Any advice on sending live plants to family and friends in this country, how do I go about packing. Thanks Gail.



Really depends what you are sending Gail... but use 1st class post and wrap the plants in damp newspaper and pack in a box marked 'fragile' or 'live plant material'. Make sure you've got enough packaging around the plants that being tossed around isn't going to harm them. If you are sending herbaceous perennials I'd remove most of the top growth before sending.

9 Apr, 2015


For young plants eg rooted cuttings wrap roots carefully in wet kitchen paper and then covered with clingfilm, keeping as much of the compost on as you can. Slightly larger ones can be inserted in toilet roll middles.Put them in a rigid container for preference but very small ones are OK in a padded bag with plenty of bubble wrap arranged to protect the tops. Larger ones can be packed in a box after wrapping the roots, and padded with rolled paper, bubble wrap etc in such a way that if the box is turned over the top of the plants won't be damaged. i can recommend using a carrier such as MyHermes - I have found them much cheaper especially for heavier items. They will collect and deliver to your door when they say they will, or you can leave them at a local depot. I think they are more likely to observe "This Way Up Live Plants" labels than the PO.

9 Apr, 2015


I also use the plastic fruit punnets/trays for bigger plants wrapped/packed with clingfilm. I find second class post usually delivers well in the time frame for plants. follow the advice given above. Its pretty much what I do.

9 Apr, 2015


Thank you all so much. It's mainly some sunflower seedlings that i've started off and a few cuttings of various plants.

Gail. x

14 Apr, 2015


Let the sunflowers grow a bit before you send them then, they'll stand a better chance.

14 Apr, 2015


Thanks Steragram, will do. x

15 Apr, 2015

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