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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Can anyone identify this plant for me please

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is that a dried flr stalk from last year? and how tall is it? Was the elaf ever green or is this new growth this year?

11 Apr, 2015


Simple answer is no... we need a photo of the actual plant in leaf or leaf and flower...

11 Apr, 2015


It is a dried flower stalk from last year. It is an evergreen a cousin of mine has it growing in a trough outside her front door against a trellis. She said it is a climber but she has it trimmed I am going there on Tuesday again so I will take my camera and take a photo of the whole plant and ask her the color of the flower, She asked me if I new what it was and I have failed to identify it. It looks a bit like a laurel or bay leaf. I think she said the flower was white, not sure but little berries come on it after the flower.

11 Apr, 2015


Just a guess, trachelospermum :)

12 Apr, 2015


Looks a poss ability Daylily, I will come back to you

12 Apr, 2015


Hello Daylily, I have added a photo of the shrub and more details on my site if you click on my picture. But my cousen said that it has no perfume and looks stronger than your suggested shrub. She is very taken with the one you suggested it might be, and is tempted to get one. Have you got one? if so is it controllable and would you recomend it.

14 Apr, 2015

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