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By Zozo

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

What's wrong with my strawberries?
They were growing fine to start with, producing lovely plump strawberries but now they look like this! I have 3 different varities in one planter on my sunny south facing balcony, they get plenty of water and love.I've not changed what I'm doing to them so can only imagine it's a disease? What is it and how do i fix it?


Dscn1138 Dscn1139



I know it sounds daft but it has probably got sunburn. Try and give them a bit of shade....

18 Jul, 2010


Could well be right there. At first I though poor pollination but the fruit isn't as malformed as that. Fragaria's in the wild are shade loving anyway.

18 Jul, 2010


Thanks I'll construct some shade for them tonight, fingers crossed! Z x

19 Jul, 2010

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