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Hello all, just wondering is it all right to plant Rhubarb in a large tub/pot! Thanks.



I've got some in a container, and its not doing well. It comes up alright each spring, but fails by around mid May. I vaguely recall that, when I potted it, I checked the RHS and they said it needed a pot that was 18-24 inches wide by 12 -18 inches deep, and my pot is only 12 inches wide, though the depth is correct. I can't check the RHS info because their website seems to be down today, well at least, that page is.

It may be that in the correct shape and size pot, it does do well, if watered sufficiently, but I'm not convinced, which is why I was trying it. Its usual to mulch with manure once a year to improve the crop, and that can't be done in a container, so I was trying it to see what would happen. Unfortunately, I don't have space for such a wide container -if you do, perhaps you could let me know how successful it is!

12 Apr, 2015


Thanks. Bamboo, yes I will let you know how it goes, it's gone into
quite a large container so will see how it gets on.

12 Apr, 2015

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