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By Pita

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there!
Can anyone advise me on what they consider to be the best hanging basket liners please? I've used different shop bought ones the past few years and found them rubbish.
Thank you for your advice. Pita x



I often rake the moss out of the grass and then use that. then there are times when I have used compost bags [turned black side out] and just cut slits in the plastic to put the plants through into the compost. once the plants grow you cant see the plastic.

12 Apr, 2015


What is it about the liners you've tried that you've been disappointed by, Pita?

12 Apr, 2015


I've been using one of those cone shaped baskets that are lined with plastic, they dry out so much slower than the wire ones and hold more compost

12 Apr, 2015


I have to admit that I'm not a fan of hanging baskets, but when I've had them, I just used moss to line the baskets, Derek.

12 Apr, 2015


I use 6 of the shop bought green ones (new every year) to line my wire baskets and find them ok as long the size is correct as basket sizes do vary and I put a small piece of plastic sheet in the bottom before adding new compost.

13 Apr, 2015


Thank you for all your suggestions, I have a ton of moss on my shed roof so tHe ladder is coming out! Hee hee

The liners I have used always dry out really fast, I have a south facing rear garden and the baskets hang on the back of the house, no matter how much I water them, they seem constantly dry and the plants don't do as well as others I see! Maybe I plant the wrong things, I'm not an expert so need all the advice I can get!

Thank you for your help. Pita xx

19 Apr, 2015


Have the biggest basket you can, possibly use water retaining crystals too

19 Apr, 2015


All baskets, whatever liner you've used, dry out rapidly in south facing areas because they get full sun, and south facing areas are generally warmer all the time. When the sun is out all day and the temperature is high in summer, watering morning and evening is essential I'm afraid, otherwise, daily, irrespective of whether its raining or not.

20 Apr, 2015


Hi, Bamboo's comments are exactly why I'm not a fan of hanging baskets, there's too much faffing about with them, lol, just grow plants where they're suppose to be grown, in the ground, Derek.

20 Apr, 2015


Thank you all for your help, I'm going to have consider this carefully! I do love seeing the baskets from the kitchen windows but not when they are half dead! The water crystals sound interesting! Derekm, you are so right! Hee hee

Thank you all x

23 Apr, 2015


Oh I dunno, you can't beat a well cared for basket, well cared for being the optimum phrase. Maybe you could find somewhere else to put the basket/s where they get half a day's shade - they tend to do better out of full sun anyway.

24 Apr, 2015


Thank you xx

4 May, 2015

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