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Rose--what is wrong with it, please? Its leaves are small, yellowish red and curled inwards. It looks ill. Is it dying? Is there anything I can do to help it please?




It doesn't look too bad to me. Young rose foliage is often red. Have you checked for aphids? If there are any, just squash them.

13 Apr, 2015


Is this a new rose planted on ground that has been weed killed if so then sometimes the leaves can curl and look retarded, or could you have a pest problem, have seen similar to this on occasions where the rose leaves curl completely up if it is this then it could be the rose leaf sawfly larvae?

13 Apr, 2015


I will examine it for aphids and sawfly tomorrow! No weedkiller has been used but the rose has been transplanted from my daughter's garden. There was not a rose in this position before. It just looks rather weak in comparison to others in the garden and I was worried about the curling and yellowish leaves in case it had a disease which could spread. Thank you for your answers. I feel reassured.

13 Apr, 2015


when did you transplant it? if its only recently then that is why. once new roots establish it will be fine. keep it well watered.

14 Apr, 2015


I transplanted it last spring Seaburngirl and it did quite well in the summer considering my daughter had had it sitting in a bucket for a few weeks while she moved. I'm sure you are all right and I am expecting too much. I'll just mollycoddle it along and hope for the best. I can't find any pests on it so the leaf curl is puzzling. Thanks everyone.

14 Apr, 2015


is it in a 'colder' spot? some plants do curl when cold.

16 Apr, 2015


Thank you everyone. Seaburngirl, you might be right about a colder spot, but I'm pleased to report that the rose eventually leafed up and has produced 5 lovely blooms! It is called The Prince's Trust (or something like that)!

21 Jun, 2015


That's brill, see patience is a virtue :o))

24 Jun, 2015

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