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What is this flower please. And can I buy them as plug plants?
Many thanks




It's a tulip - usually bought as bulbs late summer/autumn but you may find them for sale now (April) potted up in garden centres.
Someone may be able to suggest a variety name.

18 Apr, 2015


Hi Mary and welcome to GoY. As Urbanite says this is a tulip , one of the cultivars rather than a species one. You can't grow bulbs from plug plants you have to plant the bulb the previous autumn and wait for it to grow and flower. Once it has flowered and the flower starts to go over cut it off and start watering the foliage with half strength liquid tomato food to give nourishment to the bulb to create a new flower bud for next year.

As to variety far to many to make a guess!

18 Apr, 2015


it could be red appledorn. Mine are just coming into flower now

18 Apr, 2015


Thanks guys. I assumed it was a tulip. I should have been clearer in my question. Anyone know what variety of tulip, I love it and the one in my garden has been in bloom for over a week now. Thanks

20 Apr, 2015


try red appledorn

21 Apr, 2015

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