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can anyone mame this flower i seen it at fyvie castle and pinched a cutting and this is the result




It's a Phlomis, probably P. russeliana

18 Jul, 2010


and you are a 'very naughty boy' pinching pieces!

19 Jul, 2010


thanks fractal i know i am seaburngirl but the half my garden would be bare if i dont do that

19 Jul, 2010


and one of my brother's shrubs is bare down one side because of it too. he is not amused at all.

19 Jul, 2010


sorry to here that seaburngirl i dont strip shrubs just the odd seed pod or small cutting why is it just one side thats bare is it nearest the footpath

20 Jul, 2010


yes it is next to the path but thinking about it if many people think its only one piece it becomes many pieces and ruins the shrub.
I have been to many open gardens and have always asked the gardner if I could have a piece or a cutting or seeds. If they say no I respect their decision as it is there property. Disappointed yes but I wont steal it. Usually I find most are more than happy to give a small piece and usually in a poly bag to stop it drying out.

20 Jul, 2010


If it's a shrub Sbg then your brothers Phlomis is Phlomis fruticosa "Jerusalem Sage". P. russeliana is an herbaceous perennial.

Like many shrubby memebers of this family P. fruticosa has very brittle wood and is damaged easily. They don't regenerate very well from open areas either where a shoot or branch has come off.

I would take some semi-ripe cuttings of it now Sbg and give them back as a present in six weeks when rooted for him.

20 Jul, 2010


thanks fractal but it isnt a phlomis, its one of the more unusual daphne's. i cant remember which. I just get annoyed that passer-bys feel they have the right to nick bits. I have the same sense of 'outrage' when people knick the flowers by leaning over the wall.

22 Jul, 2010


I can imagine. We have a similar problem at work. A 25 year old dwarf Pine (P. leucodermis 'Schmiditii') had a great big chunk ripped out of it a few years ago by a knuckle walker.

22 Jul, 2010


knuckle walker, now that is a phrase I havent heard for some time. counjours uo such a wonderful image.

22 Jul, 2010

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