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Yellowing leaves of climbing hydrangea. Just wondered if anyone could tell me why this established hydrangea has got yellowing leaves on the tips? Thanks.

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How long has it been growing and what type of soil?
It looks like it might benefit from being cut back and rejuvenated.
The best climbing hydrangea I ever saw was in the scrappiest bit of dirt, less than the size of a single paving slab, at the foot of a barn wall.

They prefer an acidic soil and they don't like being over fed but if it's been in the ground for a long time it might be worth giving it a dose of camellia/rhododendron/azalea fertiliser. Use a slow release fertiliser now with another dose in a couple of months if the leaves haven't fully greened up.

19 Apr, 2015


Thanks urbanite, agree that it could do with a feed as I've never fed it and it is looking very woody. It must be 30 years or so and could probably do with a little tlc!

19 Apr, 2015


mine sometimes throws up an all white shoot, DNA problem so it doesn't produce the green pigment. I leave it for a bit let it flower then prune it out.
I chose it because it dint need acid soil according to the sources I read.
mine has been growing in chalk soil for 20 yrs and every year it gets a sprinkle of grow more or chicken manure pellets. OH prunes it back when it gets to the gutters or cuts out the light from the window it grows across.

22 Apr, 2015

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