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Tree seedling. I have had this tree seedling for a couple of years and was convinced it was a crab apple seedling as it appeared under a mature crab apple. However comparing the foliage of both seedling and mature tree, they are not alike! Question is what is this and is it worth keeping? I don't recognise the leaves as to belonging to any nearby plants/trees. Any ideas?

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It's really hard to see the shape of the leaf in the photos. It's definitely not an apple. It reminds me of Turkey Oak, are there any nearby? Have a look around at trees in nearby gardens and see if there are any matches.

20 Apr, 2015


It's an Oak of some kind. The parent tree must be nearby. Look for acorns. These trees are giants so make sure you want it there.

21 Apr, 2015


I must check the area for oak trees. We have some lovely old trees in north shropshire. Will move tree seedling-best to do it in autumn?

22 Apr, 2015


A squirrel could have buried it when collecting nuts/acorns. Yes. It's still small enough. If you can lift it out without disturbing the root ball, you can move it now maybe with a spade. Best to move when it's small.

22 Apr, 2015

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