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I have a beautiful pink lily that was flowering well but has all of a sudden drooped completely. is there anything I can do to try to save it? I forgot to say that it is an arum lily and as such it is inside the house. It has flowered for a couple of weeks and yesterday it just flopped. It has water.Are these plants difficult to keep at all? Thankyou to the two people who have tried to suggest helpful things.



Water it, put it in the shade to recover, support it.

18 Jul, 2010


Something may have nibbled it low down, possibly slugs/snails. The bulb should survive for next year, though. When it dies down tip it out of the pot (assuming that it's in one!) and check for 'c' shaped white grubs (vine weevil larvae). Destroy any you find. Re-pot in fresh compost. If it's in the ground, scatter a few (note, a few) slug pellets around it.

19 Jul, 2010

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