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Why do my daffodils come up blank? Will they ever bloom? Should I discard them? All I get are leaves. This is the 3rd year they've done this. They are in the same bed as others that bloom normally.

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Mine are blank too - the same as last year: member Snoopdog suggested that I might not have planted the bulbs deep enough,and that the bulbs might have been old and not best quality - I think he's right on both of those counts in my case.

21 Apr, 2015


Hunger is the cause and that may be because of various things. Plant them deep and feed now with a low nitrogen feed until the leaves die down naturally.

21 Apr, 2015



21 Apr, 2015


We've had a really cold cruddy spring here Bathgate. I thought that mine would come up zilch too and now they are flowering two weeks late. The same is going on with the flowering dogwood.

22 Apr, 2015


That's interesting Loosestrife2, but not all mine are blank. The same ones right next to these are at peak bloom now. So why only some and not all are blank?

22 Apr, 2015


Along with the line of thinking of Davros, perhaps some bulbs in that cluster are at a different depth where the deepers ones were able to flower next to the bulbs at a shallower depth which didn't. This answer was given on April 24 and the temperature tonight is forecasted to be 38 F.

25 Apr, 2015

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