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"Red Rum " rose

I am trying to find a supplier , and failing that if any one actually still grows it ?



the only 'Red Rum' plants I can locate (apart from the horse) are Lavatera Red Rum and a Lupin. It's not even in my ancient (40 years old) rose book...

22 Apr, 2015


Hi Bamboo

Shaded Red,scarlet double
24 petals/2.5 inches
slight fragrance/vigorous growth
Parentage Handel x Arthur Bell

This is the Breeder Bees, Ltd.,

Which is no longer in business


22 Apr, 2015


Well I'm not suprised it dates from '76 - I bet the name was after the horse, who won me a fair bit of money on the National a couple of times. Not a rose I've heard of though, and can't find a trace on the internet.

22 Apr, 2015


Arthur Bell and Handel are the parents , so definitely takes after Handel , it is a long shot but if I dont ask.....
and someone may have growing in the garden ...
that I could get cuttings from in the Autumn

thanks for looking


22 Apr, 2015


Hmm... I think someone is having you on. Handel is white and pink, AB is yellow - not obvious parents for a red rose.
No internet searches - no results from Beales, Gandy's, Fryer's, Mattocks, Apuldram, British Roses.... and even going onto a couple of American rose search sites turns up nothing with 'rum' in the name (unless you count Distant Drums and Grumpy)

I don't recall Bee as a named rose breeder - you could try the Amateur Rose Breeders Association, or the British Rose Breeders Association.

22 Apr, 2015


thanks I will email both

Thank you ,

23 Apr, 2015

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