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Removing tall Christmas tree.

London, United Kingdom Gb

A new neighbour recently moved in next door, and because my 30' Christmas tree is at the top of my garden, and her washing line is just underneath, she indicated that "she would be thrilled" if I got the tree removed. I had been thinking about this for quite a while as it IS very high. So I asked for quotes of various tree surgeons, and yesterday was quoted £470, and take away the wood. What do you think of that price anyone? Today, I shall be interviewing another tree surgeon, and will let you know the outcome of all this later.




I would a couple of more quotes if I were you, we had six huge conifers removed last year and they charged £400. We almost bit the guys hand off when we accepted and they did a great job.

26 Apr, 2015


Sounds a bit steep for one tree but always best to get more than one quote anyway.

26 Apr, 2015


Hi, about 4 years ago, I paid £450 to have a very large Sycamore, with 3 large trunks removed, and another 1 about 1 third the size, and all the wood taken away, but I live in the north of England, and prices are lower up here, so I don't know whether what you've been quoted is good price, or an extortionate 1, but having said that, I think the same as Steragram, a lot of money for 1 tree, especially if you have room for him to fell it in 1 cut, then cut it up on the ground, get a few more quotes is my advice, Derek.

26 Apr, 2015


Rather than just go for the cheapest quote, I would get recommendations or look on the website to find a reliable one.

26 Apr, 2015


I live in London and the above price quoted to remove our six trees was amazing.

30 Apr, 2015


Wow, Grandmage, that was a bargain!

30 Apr, 2015

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