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I have a gap in a sunny border, created by the removal of an old escallonia. I want to replace it with something that will grow up the fence, but will not grow out into the border too much. Something slow growing would be good. Bee-friendly would also be good. And it must be something that snails won't eat. My soil is good, but a bit chalky. Any ideas would be really gratefully received!



You could train a pyracantha flat against the fence - I've done this twice successfully - just means cutting off all outward facing branches and if necessary persuading the rest to go where you want them . I found using canes in the early stages worked well.

26 Apr, 2015


If you're looking for something a little unusual but easy to grow and evergreen, you might consider carpenteria californica. I've been growing one against a south facing wall for nearly twenty years and only cut it back once.

26 Apr, 2015

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