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An impossible dilemma. At the end of last summer I bought one of these and, having read up as much as I could, I planted it in a specially purchased pot using ericaceous soil as the soil in my garden is neutral heavy clay. I've since discovered that silver leafed plants need sun but the only place for pots in my garden is in shade (it might get a few rays at the end of the day in mid-summer!). In addition, apparently it will be fine in neutral soil. Now what do I do? Help please.

On plant Convolvulus cneorum



No photo Greenclogs. Is all your garden in shade? My dad used to put pots in spaces in the flower bed. Perhaps you could just squeeze it in.

26 Apr, 2015


Ah! Just noticed Convolvulus. Same answer Greenclogs.

26 Apr, 2015


It's a true Mediterranean plant - needs lots of sunshine and good drainage - it doesn't need fertile soil.

26 Apr, 2015


Right plant for right place. This plant will reward you by you placing it in the sunniest spot in your garden with lots of gravel. I would not worry about soil pH for this plant: drainage and sun yes.

27 Apr, 2015


Thanks to all for answers. I will now unpot it, dig a hole in the sunniest border, fill it with gravel and put the convolvulus on top. And a good excuse for digging out more of the rampant Golden Rod.

30 Apr, 2015

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