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Thank you in advance for your help! We bought a package of "Sweet Williams" seeds last year to plant between the real Sweet Williams we bought fully grown and replanted. They grew, but never bloomed and are here again this year (again no signs of blooming). Anyone know what these plants are? Their leaves are much broader thank the Sweet Williams as you can see in the pictures side by side. My wife wants to tear them out, but I'm still hopeful something nice might result. Thanks again.



Did you mean to add photos? Your original ones should flower properly this year so be patient. Without seeing a photo of the new ones its hard to say what they might be, but. as you bought seeds labelled Sweet Williams its unlikely they will be anything else. Leaf shape can vary a bit.
If they are real Sweet Williams they probably won't flower much if at all this year as they are biennials. Which is why you got no flowers last year too.

26 Apr, 2015


Sorry, the page will not allow posts with pictures at the moment, either from my phone or my computer.

26 Apr, 2015

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