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I have had - what I have believed to be a QUINCE in our front garden for years, it is a low growing shrub, thorny with beautiful red flowers in spring, followed by rock hard yellow small fruits in Autumn
I make lots of jams and even made jams for our daughters wedding favours BUT
I am frighten ed of this shrub as someone said there is a Chinese Quince similar which is very poisonous !?!?!
I went to our local Fruit & veg shop to buy a Quince and theirs are bigger, but seeds inside are same - lots of them compacted together!
I don't know what to believe :(




The only difference between the fruit of Cydonia (proper Quince) and that of Chaenomeles japonica (which you have) is the arrangement of the seeds inside.
I had Quince jelly made from the fruit of the latter on my toast this morning. I am still alive (just).
The Chinese Quince is Pseudocydonia sinensis and the fruit of that is just as edible as the others.

27 Apr, 2015


Agree with Owdboggy's answer - all three are edible, so don't worry about it - and tell that 'someone' they're talking twaddle...

27 Apr, 2015

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