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my pieris plant is in large pot but it is cone shaped i think it may be pot bound lots of flowers but not changing colour and straggly shoots can you help maggie.



I'm not sure whether you're saying the pot is cone shaped or the plant is...

You'll need to put it in a larger pot, or into the ground by the sound of it. All new leaf growth is red or reddish, which turns green as it ages, so if yours doesn't have any red leaves, it just means its not growing any. Given you say its straggly as well, that likely means its time for more root room.

28 Apr, 2015


If the pot is cone shaped with the narrow part at the top you may unfortunately have to break it to get the Pieris out to repot it. Many plants produce a lot of flowers when they are distressed, hoping to propagate themselves in case they die.

If this is the case and you really don't want to break the pot an alternative might be to cut the shrub back, top dress it and and feed it regularly. They do regenerate quite readily from hard pruning. MIne doesn't seem to mind when its cut either. I would do it say a third or half at a time though and wait until the cut half has new shoots on it before doing the rest. this isn't the recommended way but it works for me.

Left unpruned they will grow several metres tall.

28 Apr, 2015

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