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Good Morning...I have a collection of cactus that I over winter in a loft room consequently they are not watered for quite a while as its difficult for me to get to the room. I read somewhere that once back in the garden its better to immerse the pot completely in water rather that give them small drinks. I have added a photo of just one of the cactus but I also have large Aloe vera's. What are your thoughts on the watering.




Cactus never need watered if you put them out: they will be growing in summer and our climate has enought natural rain to sustain them. If it is cold enough for them not to be outside, it is too cold for them to be watered. So basically stick them outside and let nature water them.

29 Apr, 2015


When they have been kept dry all winter you can immerse them in water until they are soaked and then let them drain thoroughly, but don't do this if they are going into somewhere cold or they will rot. - keep them in the warm until the weather warms up. I wouldn't put them out yet. Only soak them like this once. Thereafter through the summer water them moderately and only when they have completely dried out. If they are to live outside int he summer as Botanic says they will not need watering at all as they are designed for long dry spells. The aloe vera will probably be more tolerant than the true cactus.

29 Apr, 2015


Thanks for your comments I like yard sticks like that "If its too cold to be outside its too cold to water" they are good reminders. Thanks again have a good summer.

30 Apr, 2015

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