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By Linmar

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a 12yr old Elaeagnus Quicksilver shrub which should be fast growing but it has always struggled and today have had to saw out a lot of deadwood. Can anyone help please? Perhaps suggest a good feed. There is nothing wrong with the leaves of the part that is alright. Last year I cleared all around the base and it was fed probably with Vitax. The soil is about neutral.



growmore or fish blood and bone scattered around the base and out wards to the same amount as the tips of the branches. most of the working roots for taking in water and nutrients are out towards the edges.

29 Apr, 2015


Thanks Seaburngirl I have used that in the past. I wonder if it might be too dry so will give it more feed and more water. If it doesn't buck up I shall plant another one in another place. Its really disappointing!

29 Apr, 2015


Eleagnus is supposed to be drought-tolerant. Perhaps it's coming to the end of its life, especially as you say it has always struggled.

29 Apr, 2015


Landgirl100 Surely 12 yrs is not that old! I suppose its possible that it was not a good specimen. I didn't know they were drought tolerant or had forgotten so thank you for that info.

30 Apr, 2015


Seaburngirl and Landgirl 100 I used a saw to cut out all the dead wood on the Eleagnus and now just less than two months later its a beautiful shrub. I watered it well and gave it some feed so seems to have paid off.

13 Jun, 2015

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