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What type of tulips are these and also what are the white flowers?

Tulips White_flowers



Don't know the tulips but the white flowers are from Choisya ternata 'Aztec Pearl'. Crush a leaf and smell...gorgeous. Common name is Mexican Orange Blossom

29 Apr, 2015


Oh my word, Badfish, 'gorgeous'!!? The leaves make an appalling stench when bruised or crushed, I hate having to take the stuff off to the tip, have to have all the windows down. Its the flowers that are supposed to smell of orange blossom, though I can detect nothing but a faint scent, and my sense of smell is very strong...

As for the tulips, they are single early flowering type, they look like 'Grand Perfection', but there are thousands of varieties.

29 Apr, 2015


I love the spicy smell of Choisya, I have it sticking out on to a path so I can brush past it! Just shows how individual the sense of smell can be...

29 Apr, 2015


Haha, strange one about the smell of's definately a "Marmite" plant.

Many moons ago, i used to take large groups of people on guided tours of our nursery and all the outside areas. I'd always tell people to grab a leaf off the Choisya and smell it.

The reaction was about 90% of people loved it and 10% hated it.

30 Apr, 2015


Blimey, you mean some people actually like the smell, well I never - I reckon its cos my sense of smell is extremely acute then. Sight's fading, hearings very good, sense of smell seems more acute now than it was years ago, I can't bear air fresheners any more either, too strong...

30 Apr, 2015


That's a sign of old age Bamboo lol ;-)

30 Apr, 2015


Old I may be, but I know that we LOSE our senses as we age, they shouldn't get stronger - maybe I've got a neurological problem, lol! They should employ me to find gas leaks, I'm really good at that...

30 Apr, 2015


me too bamboo. I'm often the one who smells a seeping gas leak long before every one else. even the gas board were impressed when I reported a leak and their machine detected it but the gas mans nose!

I dont like choisya smell either so you are not alone. :o)

1 May, 2015


;-)) - I know I'm not alone, I don't know anyone who likes the smell of bruised Choisya leaves, I was more shocked that anyone actually did!

1 May, 2015


Thanks everyone! :-)

5 May, 2015

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