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Seen on the Scilly Isles (late April) this lovely purple flower. Any chance of an ID? Thanks :) 3rd pic shows the leaves.

Scilly_isles_april_2015_018 Scilly_isles_april_2015_020 Scilly_isles_april_2015_021



I think that's Geranium maderense. A bit tender for mainland Britain, unfortunately.

29 Apr, 2015


Thank you Landgirl - and you're absolutely right. I Googled it and found that it's not hardy here. Astonishingly some seed firms sell it, and one said "If you grow this, we'd like some seed please"!

30 Apr, 2015


I grow it but it gets to be a plant 3-4ft in size and the flowers on mine have slimmer petals. if I get seed i'll gladly send you some.

1 May, 2015


That's very kind Seaburn, but I'll say 'no thanks' this time. You might be able to sell some to Plant World though - and make your fortune?!

1 May, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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