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Hello everyone!
I am very new to the gardening world as I have always been living in a flat and grey cities such as Milan (sad...I know!) so please pardon I am totally ignorant! I moved to United Kingdom and finally fullfilled mine and my partner dream of buying a house all for us. Little problem: I would like to put my hands on the big garden (it's a disaster ...) that surrounds the house and I don't even know from where to start...yes I 'killed' some of the obvious weed, but now I have plants, flowers and ...trees I have not a clue about (with exception of a cherry tree and an apple tree...) . Here are a few picture, any help or hint would be greatly apreciated! Thank you in advance :)

Picture_277 Picture_278 Picture_279



HI I cant really offer you any advice as Im really new too just wanted to say hello and welcome - Its all just trial and error I think.
BY the looks of those pics your not doing too bad by yourself , Anyway Good luck and happy gardening !


19 Jul, 2010


thank you Kpjo! Nice to 'meet' you...I really hope to understand a little bit far all I can do is admiring all of your beautiful garden pics! I wish I had one as beautiful one day! :)

19 Jul, 2010


Hello Lucieffe, This is quite a big question, I have sent you a private message which might help a little bit.

19 Jul, 2010


Hey Lucieffe. Like you i'm new to gardening and had so much help from everyone on here. Can't answer your questions on here but there will ne many that can.
I started my garden from scratch and such a brilliant hobby and very addictive!
Feel free to have a look at my pics and also done a blog from how it was when we moved in to more recent.

Welcome to grows on you where you will make lots of friends on here including me! lol


19 Jul, 2010


I agree Steve, Lucieffe will get loads of good advice from lots of very knowledgeable people on the site.

19 Jul, 2010


Thank you all! I am amazed to get such a warm and friendly welcome and you could also answer all my doubts about the plants! I am truly impressed, I can see years of passion and patience you spent on this just from the answers I got!
I really want to thank you!
what I did so far was re-seeding on the old law (all patchy and dry) ..and have not even done it all we had to fix the inside of the house first (flooring , painting all DIY..) again BIG thank you! I am glad and honoured to be part of this lovely community!!!

19 Jul, 2010


hi the top plant looks like one of the heleniums and will come back next year as it is perenial. The other 2 photos is the the same plant common name pearl everlasting or Anaphalis margaritacea. it too is a perennial and will increase in size and come ack year on year. oth plants are fully hardy too.

welcome to GoY too.

19 Jul, 2010

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