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Why does my tulip bud shrivel up and drop off? The one right next to it is just fine - same lot - planted same time, same depth, same variety, same conditions.

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Not sure,Paul..Insects,birds ? or,if you have had a sudden hard frost,when they are almost,or are in flower,it could be that either..I didn't know this,so I googled tulip bud damage ..this was just one of the idea why it's only the one tulip though..

2 May, 2015


We did have a couple light freezes during overnight hours, but tulips are suppose to withstand that. How strange. I just want to know if I should keep it or discard it. I don't want to nurture a defective bulb.

2 May, 2015


I'd keep but dig up after it has totally died back and put in a pot to monitor next year. Tulips aren't frost hardy.

2 May, 2015

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