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By Erik

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Dahlia leaves turning pale green ?? Any answer would be appreciated ,



Hi, welcome to GoY, we need a bit more information please, such as are they in pots in a greenhouse, or have you already planted them outside, are they new plants this year, or are they from older tubers, if in a greenhouse, is it heated, sorry for all the questions, but the more we know about conditions, the better the answer we will be able to give you, Derek.

2 May, 2015


Hi Derek thanks for replying the dalias I refer to are in large pots in the g/ house (unheated) and are growing on quite nicely it's one or two of last years tubers that are affected I have quite a few tubers it just seems to be affecting 3 I have some lupin s just potted up into 3ltr pots that seem to be giving some cause for concern I have tried a high tomatoe feed on the dalias in question but its not made any dif a bit of a puzzle this one

3 May, 2015


Hi, are you using fresh compost?, try a dose of epsom salts, that might do the trick, use 1 level dessert spoon to a gallon of water, make sure it's all dissolved and water it on, repeat 2 or 3 times over the next month, see what happens, Derek.

3 May, 2015


Thanks for that Derek sorry it took so long to get back to you ,been away for a few days ,yes it's good fresh compost ,I will try what you are saying and see what happens ,when would you say the earliest for planting out is need to go away again in a wk and was considering taking mine out of the tunnel but don't want to risk the frost ,do you think I will get away with it ,???

11 May, 2015


Hi Eric, your profile doesn't say where in the UK you are, but if you're in the south, I would think you could get away with it, but don't forget to harden them off first, so I would start on that straight away, but if you're further north, there's still a chance you could get a frost, it's usually june when half hardy plants are put outside in the north, Derek.

11 May, 2015


Thanks for that Derek I am in the north and that is what I thought its prob to much of a risk "I've jus pinched out the tops so that should slow the growth a bit by which time I should be back "thank ' you for taking the time to reply " Erick m

11 May, 2015

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