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By Vileve

Middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

having spent hours digging up 'creeping buttercup' with very long roots! a couple of months ago...they are back..... advice please on the best way to eradicate them (permanently!!!) it is mixed up with other plants too, they are a nightmare. Also being a new member what does 'flagging' a question mean? saving it??



Not much you can do if mixed with other plants apart form hand digging. If there are any stray 'buttercups' that aren't near plants, then you could spray these and this will eventually work its way into the root system, but will take a long time. Perseverance i think is best.
If there are any buttercups near the base of plants, you can mix up some weedkiller in a hand spray and place a yoghurt pot with bottom cut off over the weed so only the weed leaves are enclosed, and then spray into the pot. stops the risk of drift and only gets the weed.

Flagging reporst the question, its if its innapropriate. (hold the mouse cursor over the 'Flag this question' and it will say this.

19 Jul, 2010


Thank you nickyt08, it looks as though i have a long job ahead of me. I wouldn't mind so much if my soil was easy to handle but being clay it's rock hard at the moment. How I envy people with friable soil!!. never mind, it gives me something to do and is a challenge.

19 Jul, 2010

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