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Hope I've picked the right two pic's ! lol
Got two Foxgloves of the sameage and planted both at the same time. One has flowered, the other just has HUGE leaves. Any ideas please .. ??

Sdc13406 Sdc13403



Probably just the genetics of that seed. Its common for things to not grow equally, just nature. The big leaved one will probably flower next year

19 Jul, 2010


Thanks Nicky. The leaves are getting that big that I have to shove them out of the way so that some of the other plants can get a bit of sun ! lol

19 Jul, 2010


Perhaps the one that's flowering now gets more sun?

19 Jul, 2010


About 3' apart Beattie .... ?

19 Jul, 2010


Plants that are growing in shade often produce bigger leaves than ones that are in more light. Anyway, biennials like foxgloves often die off after flowering, so you'll have one for next year.

19 Jul, 2010


I thought the top picture was just dock leaves!

20 Jul, 2010


Me too then saw the lower leaves and thought Lunaria - Honesty?

23 Jul, 2010


Honestly ... lol ! Got them both from B & Q in April. Got two in the front garden and the same tale there as well .... !! Perhaps I'll sue B & Q !! lol ;~))

23 Jul, 2010

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