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Many thanks Beattie & Moongrower but this could be very tedious as they are only four to five mil long



That's nice of you Guest, but what are we talking about? I've answered a number of questions in the last few days. You could join GoY and then you'd be able to add further comments on your questions.

19 Jul, 2010


Aha! Now you're Corgiman! Please jog our memories - what are only 4-5 mm long? Do you think they'll grow? Do WE think they'll grow?

19 Jul, 2010


Beattie and Moon grower

Sorry, my question was regarding loop catterpillar on cabbage plants

19 Jul, 2010


Well picking them of or spraying with an ecological liquid soap solution are your only choices. Frankly picking them off is quicker.

20 Jul, 2010

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