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Can someone tell me what wrong with this plant? It started late last year 2014. Appreciated any advices

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Looks like a fungal attack - i fear the bush is past saving.

4 May, 2015


yep, looks like anthracnose or one of the phytophthera root roots, usually caused by overly wet soil conditions. Aucubas don't like wet feet...

5 May, 2015


Agree, phytophthera, Acuba is particularly susceptible and I would say it's close of play. Fungicides don't seem to sort it out.

5 May, 2015


Thanks Steragram, Bamboo and Jimmytheone for your advise I would chop it down and replace it with something else

7 May, 2015


Perhaps it might be a good idea to put perennials or even annulals there for a year or two rather than another shrub, in case whatever killed the laurel is still lurking in the soil.

7 May, 2015


Yes, dug it up completely including the roots. Yes may put in Lupin as I love plants with flowers not shrub. Thanks everybody for your help

10 May, 2015

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