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my old well established tulips show no signs that they are to flour this year , why .



Hi Wendy and welcome to GoY. Did you cut down the foliage last year before it died away, or tie it into a neat knot? The foliage needs to be allowed to die back naturally and you can also water once a week with half strength liquid tomato feed until the foliage haas died back. Could also be that the bulbs have become too congested and need to be lifted once foliage has died back and replanted slightly further apart, though, to be honest, I pack out bulbs in and it never seems to cause a problem.

5 May, 2015


thanks it looks like i will have to dig them up and replant .they have big heads in a dark red.this is the first year in over 25 no flours

5 May, 2015


I have, today, visited the garden of a local radio gardening expert. He, too, has had blind tulips this year. We agreed that it was probably because the winter was too mild for them. Daffodils have come up blind too as they like a cold, hard winter, so perhaps tulips are the same.
I'd give them another chance before you dig them out. If the same thing happens next year then replant them somewhere else. Don't give up on them.

5 May, 2015

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