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By Whit

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

good morning , is it practical to grow a climbing rose in a pot : where i want it to grow would be difficult to plant because of the condition of the ground
thanks for any answers




I think it depends on the size of the pot, although I suspect the growth will be restricted compared to one planted in the ground.

If you do go ahead with it then you'll need to think carefully with regards to the watering and feeding regime.

5 May, 2015


I wouldn't recommend it - even a 3 foot bush rose doesn't really like being in a pot, though it will tolerate a pot 18 inches deep by 12 inches wide quite well. Anything larger won't like it, nor grow well.

5 May, 2015


Do you have a particular rose in mind, Whit? and what size pot are you thinking of? I've seen Clarence House (pale yellow 'modern climber') growing very happily in a beer keg (30 gallons? one of the metal ones) - they come complete with built in pot feet (the lifting ring) to help with drainage

5 May, 2015


i am thinking of putting a climber called nice day or one called new dawn in a pot 18" diameter x 14" deep. i am not too fussed on how high it will grow , what i am going to do is put trellis on a 4 foot fence to grow it horizontally to give me a bit of privacy.

6 May, 2015


Nice Day is classed as a patio rose so should be ok in a pot - but 14" isn't really deep enough.
New Dawn will survive in a pot (I've grown it's parent Dr Van Fleet in a pot) but it needs a much bigger pot and won't put out a very good display for you. But it is happy enough in the ground in even the smallest patch of dirt (quite often lifting one paving slab is more than enough for it)

6 May, 2015

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